Delegation Agreement European Commission

The single form: this is the proposal that international organizations fill out and submit when they submit a proposal to the echo. The IMDA is established in accordance with the information contained in the single approved form. The IMDA consists of the following parts, which are an integral part of the agreement: Art 2-Entry of the Agreement and Period of Implementation of action Special Conditions: The 6 articles of the Special Conditions describe the main elements of the action. (See below to find out what`s in each article) The Management Management Statement is a formal statement that the UN agency must submit (if any) on the basis of the presentation provided by the Commission (available below). Art 4-reduction of reports and request for final payment For the implementation of EU-funded humanitarian actions, ECHO grants specific grants to partners of humanitarian organisations, agencies and international organisations. If ECHO decides to grant a specific grant to a United Nations agency or an international organization, it proposes to sign a delegation agreement of the United Nations Joint Organization (AMDA). When signing an IMDA, the Commission agrees that the partner should become its delegate. This means that it will be placed in the Commission`s position in carrying out most of the tasks of carrying out the action. In particular, when the agreement is signed, the partner agrees to carry out the action under its own responsibility. It`s not going to work. The specific conditions of the IMDA must be signed by both parties. It`s not going to work.

The language of the agreement is English or French. Depending on the language of the single form, the language of the IMDA in turn determines the language to be used for communication. In the Articles of the Special Conditions, the main elements of the action are described as follows: The general conditions applicable to indirect management delegation agreements: as stated in Article 1.1 of IMDA, they define the general administrative, financial and administrative conditions for the implementation and conclusion of each specific action financed by ECHO.