Emergency Facilities Land Use Agreement

Useful Advice – Landowners are different from device owners because they don`t pursue tasks, we`ve followed them. They may need to be better trained and monitored than device manufacturers. If possible, you work personally with the landowner. If personally is not an option, you work through phone calls to ensure that there is a clear understanding of the needs of the government and the needs of the landowner. You, as CO, will contact the landowner with questions. Build a good relationship from the beginning. Typical Uses – Rent land or facilities only on the basis of incidents – Examples of frequent uses: – Incident Command Posts (ICP) – Helibases – Staging Areas – Base Camp / Spike Camps – Aircraft – Aircraft – Examples of Common LUAs: – Fairs – Schools – Fields / Farms – Parkings – Airports determine price (continued). ) – Sources of market research – GOOGLE – Search for rental prices for similar real estate – Search for a price structure typically used for the rental of specific land or facilities – Example: airport space usually costs cents per square metre – past LUAs – banks – real estate agencies – local employees – Do you consider a “Do not exceed” price for extended use – Daily prices, weekly prices? Very important – DO NOT EXCEED – If the order has the possibility of exceeding your threshold: – Find someone with a higher threshold to be the signatory – Negotiate an agreement with a “Not to exceed” Price – FOREST SERVICE – NO CHECKS or CREDIT CARDS – Forest Service Government Purchase Card Manual 2016 – “Emergency equipment and land use contracts must be concluded by ASC-Incident Finance” Where appropriate – Resources available for property confirmation – City or County Tax Assessor`s Office – Courthouse – Montana Cadastral Situations NOT Requiring LUA – Federal Government Land /Facilities Ran by Concessionary – Land or Facilities of Other Government Agencies – Economy Act – Land or Facilities of State or Local Governments – Usually cooperator agreement – Non-Wildland Fire Incidents – FEMA , Back-burn, Fire Access – Federally Funded Tracks and Towers – County, State or Local SIIBM Chapter 20 (continued) SIIBM Chapter 20 – Page 20 -5 Emergency Use Agreements and Facilities “LUA” Jeff Gardner, Contract Specialist, USFS Region 1 Problems – Limiting Access to Certain Areas – Soil Protection – Options for a Possible Extension Simpere Incident NRCG 20 Supplement – Page NR 20 -6 Replaced by Northern Rockies Land Use Agreement Guide No SAM Account – Specific Forest Service – Vendor Code Information Bulletin (FS -650 0 -231) – Internal Use Only – Two Methods of Payment via worksheet – Direct Deposit (Bank Information) – Exemption from Direct Deposit (no account or difficulty per barrier) – If you do not enter the financial package , send separately to ASC – Extreme PII, be responsible for information problems – No driving – What is When Field gets wet? Dugouts Off Limits? Problems – Fish in the pond – Water rights – Neighbours determine price – Private campsites – Professional rental prices, Average incomes, typical incomes for similar periods – institutions – income from ordinary activities are lost, commercial rents are lost, commercial rental prices, events have been cancelled, livestock moved – schools – operating costs, janitorial fees, administrative staff are obstructing the LUA Checklist – When an LUA order has been received – Identify incident needs – Use the checklist to link the planning rules with denkotorens for example: a primary school has 5 small duvets in a locker room.