Harlow Council Tenancy Agreement

We offer 3 types of rentals depending on your circumstances. We offer an introductory lease with a 12-month trial period to show that you are responsible for maintaining a safe lease. In general, we do not offer a common lease to a parent and a child. CM20 1WG Tel: 01279 446655www.harlow.gov.uk You can use Harlow Homefinder if you are an existing tenant looking for a transfer or an asylum seeker applying for the first time. The plan covers all available advisory and housing companies, including protected housing. The civic centre is closed to the public until further notice. This means that you cannot enter, but you can continue to contact us by phone on 01279 446655 and access online the services and information www.harlow.gov.uk your rental agreement defines your legal rights and obligations as Council tenants. If you need the introduction, we can extend it by 6 months or terminate your lease. Harlow Homefinder is the rental program for consulting and housing companies in Harlow, which gives you more choice about where you want to live. If you do not violate your lease, it will automatically be converted into a secure lease after 12 months.

We will begin to phase in endowments and update our processes in accord with the latest government guidelines. HtS, which restarted work on these properties under new guidelines, is corrected by HTS with a delay of empty qualities from the Council. The houses are rented again if that`s for sure. We know that some candidates may be afraid to move during this period and we do not want to put any additional pressure on them if they are not ready or able to do so. The “Housing Allowance” document is available here: Housing Allowances Scheme (Policy Allowances)… You must keep the housing and advisory options team informed of changes to your application. You can do this by downloading a “Change of Circumstances” form on the link “Change of Circumstances” … or by phone at Harlow on 01279 446655. Housing allowances and rentals continue to be a priority for homeless households and people without housing. As long as you`ve registered with Harlow Homefinder and have an active app, you have three commandments that you can use each week between Thursday morning and Monday night/Tuesday morning. If you need help with the tendering system or procedure, please contact a member of the Harlow Contact team at Harlow`s Civic Centre or by phone on 01279 446655.

Following a public consultation, the Harlow Council changed its housing registry to a housing needs registry. This is because Council housing is allocated on the basis of need and not on the basis of applicants` waiting times. Subsidized housing is available as self-contained (protected) housing for seniors who wish to live independently, while having the added certainty that assistance is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The housing systems in charge have installed traction cords and a smoke detector in every room of the dwelling, all connected to the alarm system. In addition, body trailers may be made available to tenants who cannot reach their traction cords or who have been partially required in their support plan.