Learning Agreement Erasmus Praktikum

There are many good reasons for an internship abroad! An extension of an internship or a second follow-up internship is usually possible, provided that the duration of the internship is not more than 12 months. Any extension must be requested at least four weeks before the end of the initial internship in the international affairs unit. Department International Student MobilitySe Centre for Study (SSC) Iltisstr. 4 (Dahlem-Dorf metro station)D-14195 BerlinTel.: `49 30 – 838 70186 E-mail: erasmus-support@fu-berlin.de Promotion of the internship abroad via Erasmus` can be requested: the three parties to the apprenticeship agreement agree to respect all agreements concluded in order to ensure that studies/internships spent abroad are recognised without other requirements. If the country or region of the planned stay is a level 5 or 6 travel alert, the appointment must be cancelled. In other words, it is not possible to benefit from Erasmus mobility assistance. These applications are cancelled, but the stay cannot be postponed. In the case of a stay abroad for internship purposes, the apprenticeship agreement defines the terms of recognition of the internship, depending on whether it is counted in terms of the completion of the student, whether it is a voluntary internship (non-compulsory) or whether it is carried out immediately after the end of higher education (see guidelines below). Some countries continue to have limited entry rules. Please note that the security arrangement of the host country is in any case respected and that the trip and stay are scheduled afterwards (for example. B 2 weeks of quarantine after entry!). So book only trips with the possibility of a change of booking or cancellation. When purchasing additional health and health insurance, we ask you to check specifically with the insurer if the insurance coverage also applies to level 4 according to the Austrian Foreign Ministry`s security classification.

In addition, the EU ERASMUS scholarships do not reduce the training allowances of Article 33 bis, paragraph 2, of the EStG (stop of 17.10.2001 [III R 3/01], Bundesfinanzhof in Munich). The Stipendienempfänger_in is responsible for the obligation to record and explain ERASMUS` revenues to the tax authorities (12 MV). At present, internship extensions are granted only under the following conditions: If an overnight stay is required due to distance, the scholarship is increased by 50, –