Sampling Agreement

VII. Guarantees, exemptions and remedies A. Content Provider guarantees and presents that it holds all rights, titles and interests of the property. B. The content provider ensures, guarantees and commits to the right, full power and power to conclude the agreement and grant its rights without violating any other agreement or obligation of any kind; and that the use of the property does not violate or divert, as stipulated in this Agreement, no trademark, patent, copyright, business or other rights of ownership, advertising or right to protect third-party data, and the development, use, reproduction, reproduction, sale, licensing and/or dissemination of products authorized by Multimedia intellectual Property Co. violates any right of any kind or any other form. C. The content provider defends, provides the Multimedia Intellectual Property Co., its successors, parents, subsidiaries, related companies, licensees and underlicensed and their respective senior executives, Directors, agents and employees, of and against any legal action, complaint, claim, damage, liability, expenses and expenses (including reasonable legal fees) arising from or in any way a breach of insurance or warranty from the content provider, or any allegation that a licensed product violates any intellectual property rights or other rights arising from the use of the product. Multimedia Intellectual Property Co.

will immediately notify the content provider of such a claim or imminent request. D. If multimedia intellectual property is received by Co. The Multimedia Intellectual Property Co. has the right to withhold payments owed to the content provider under this contract and to deposit them into a receiver of interest account with a commercial bank as collateral for the content provider`s obligations under this agreement, unless the content provider provides another guarantee. In the event of a debt adjustment, the amount of the trust, including accrued interest, is distributed to the content provider after deducting all amounts to be paid to Multimedia Intellectual Property Co. or to third parties as part of this award. E. Neither the content provider nor Multimedia Intellectual Property Co. accepts the settlement of such claims, claims or actions prior to the final judgment, without the other party`s consent.

F. Multimedia Intellectual Property Co. assures, guarantees and commits that it has the full right, full power and power to conclude this agreement. Multimedia Intellectual Property Co. defends, compensates and owns content provider, its successors, successors, assignments, parents, subsidiaries, associated companies, licensees and sub-licensees, as well as their officers, directors, agents and employees, of and against any act, action, claim, claim, injury, liability, expenses and expenses (including reasonable legal fees) arising from or in any way in connection with a breach of insurance or insurance.