Tbcdsb Collective Agreement

Denford-Cox stated that another concern for employees was that collective bargaining will begin soon; OSSTF members will have their current contract expire at the end of August. Each central union body negotiates with the province. Local units negotiate with each school principal. Different aspects of a collective agreement are negotiated at each level. Although THE OSSTF has planned a national strike that day, negotiations for a new collective agreement with the government are expected to resume this weekend. The Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board issued a social media statement Friday urging parents and students to prepare for possible school closures that will affect JK until class 12 next Wednesday. Denford-Cox said the problem is the lack of student assistance professionals (SSPs). The lack led the board to recruit class assistants, she said. Cuts to ontario government funding for education are behind a “stressful year” at the Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board (TBCDSB), a union representative said. “With the announcement of the funding cuts, we have a few members who will be laid off, who will not have a permanent position in the fall,” said Maureen Denford-Cox of the Federation of Ontario High Schools (OSSTF). THUNDER BAY – The Lakehead District School Board says it will close all of its high schools and elementary schools on Wednesday, December 4, when the Ontario High School Teachers` Federation continues with a one-day strike. A two-stage negotiation process is in place for publicly funded education in Ontario. “Historically, if a permanent PSP was missing and no offer was available, the position would remain vacant and there would be a vacancy for staff,” the spokesperson said in an email to CBC News.

“The class assistant position was created to relieve the pressure for a staff vacancy. Michelle Probizanski, Superintendent of Training at the Lakehead District School Board, said that while the Public Board has a full complement of staff for the coming year, this may change in a school year if employees resign or otherwise leave their positions. She represents student aid professionals, early childhood educators and attendance counsellors on the Catholic council. “The board put the class officers in a position because we couldn`t find enough staff to cover our care SSSp for when a permanent PSP disappeared,” Denford-Cox said. “We are under the law of the school`s management and, basically, it is a two-tier system,” she said. “We cannot go to local negotiations until the central issues are resolved between the government and the board of directors.” The Catholic council said it will provide updates, but remains confident that the exit will be avoided by a negotiated solution by Wednesday. A spokesman for the Catholic council said that class assistants do not perform the same tasks as SSPs. A strike will also impose the elimination of all excursions, all transport, all pre-school and post-school programmes, as well as all sports and co-school activities planned for the pre-school and post-school period. Important forms can be find here. Click on the head or symbol to redirect to the form page. OsSTF represents early childhood educators, students and facilitators in the separate school system.

The Ontario Labor Federation has launched the People`s Budget campaign to launch a provincial community consultation process on the next provincial budget. They are also early childhood educators, student assistants (formerly known as educational assistants) and in-house and continuing education educators. “Right now, we`re deadlocked, waiting to see what those central issues will be,” Denford-Cox said. “Once these central issues have been agreed… we can start local negotiations. The time of a