Agreement Between Heirs

Citizens residing in: (address of residence) on the one hand (hereinafter referred to as Part 1) and citizens, residing on the other side (hereinafter referred to as Part 2), act as legal heirs of the citizen(s) (full name of the deceased), the deceased (date of death), hereinafter referred to as Contracting Parties, In accordance with Article 1165 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, an agreement has been concluded on the contract of succession (name and date of conclusion) As regards the timetable for concluding a contract, it can be signed if the successors have received certificates of succession, i.e. 6 (six) months after the opening of the right of succession. The division contract enters into force after being signed by the parties. However, without mandatory registration, the actual transfer of ownership will not take place. A contract of succession is a document with considerable legal force. .