Attorney Client Fee Agreement Sample

Calculated time includes the time the lawyer spends on phone calls related to the client`s case, including phone calls with the client and other parties and lawyers. The legal staff in charge of the client`s case may consult on the matter, depending on the needs and adequacy. When consulting, each person calculates the time spent, as long as the work done is reasonably necessary and not duplicated. If more than one legal staff participates in a meeting or other proceeding, each person will charge for the time spent. The lawyer calculates the waiting time and travel time, both locally and outside the city. The time is calculated in minimum units of a quarter of an hour. Prices in this calendar can be changed after written notification to the customer of 30 days. If the client refuses to pay increased payments, the lawyer has the right to resign as a lawyer for the client. 13.MODIFICATION BY AGREEMENT A POSTERIORI. This Agreement may be modified by a subsequent agreement between the Parties only by a written act signed by both Parties. 10.

ARBITRATION. all disputes between parties regarding the design, application or provision of services under this Agreement and all claims arising out of or related to this Agreement or its breach, including, but not, claims for infringement, professional negligence, breach of trust, misrepresentation, fraud and disputes concerning attorneys` fees and/or fees collected under this Agreement shall be subject to binding arbitration by the ____ .